This is the dev documentation for an unreleased version of MPF!

This is the documentation for MPF 0.53+, which is the “dev” (next) release of MPF that is a work-in-progress. Unless you’re specifically looking for this version, you probably want to use the version of documentation called “latest” which is for the latest released version of MPF. That documentation is at docs.missionpinball.org/en/latest.

Dual-wound Coils

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A dual-wound coil is a coil (solenoid) with two windings–one “strong” power (or “main”) winding for moving the coil, and a second weaker / lower-power winding for “holding” the coil in the active position.

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Dual-wound coils are typically used for flippers, diverters, gates, and other devices in pinball machines that need a strong initial movement followed by an extended hold period.

There are many places in MPF config files where you need to specify a coil name. Rather than adding dual-wound coil logic in many different sections of MPF, we have a dual-wound coil config where you can specify the settings for a particular dual-wound coil (and give it a new name), and then you can use that dual-wound coil anywhere in MPF that a coil is configured.

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