Mission Pinball Framework documentation

Everything you need to know about the Mission Pinball Framework (MPF).


You can download PDF, Epub, and HTML versions of these docs. Click the “Read the Docs” link in the lower left corner for the links.

Note about MPF versions: The latest released version of MPF is 0.33.x, but the documentation you’re reading now is valid for MPF versions 0.30-0.33. See the MPF software & documentation versions page for details.


Installation & first steps

MPF User Manual


  • Example Configuration Files: Huge list of example config files you can learn from.
  • Example Machines: List of several example machine projects.
  • The Cookbook shows you how to implement features of real pinball machines using MPF. This is great for the “How do I build something like X?” questions you might have.

Reference guides

Let’s go!

You can access the full table of contents of MPF documentation via the expandable menu on the left (or the hamburger menu icon if you’re on a mobile device). There are over 1000 pages of printed documentation to help you build your pinball machine!