Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files NO

The accelerometers: section of your config is where you configure accelerometers, including how many G forces trigger different events.

Like other hardware devices, you create a sub-entry for each accelerometer, then under there you configure additional settings. For example:

       number: 1
       level_x: 0
       level_y: 0
       level_z: 1
           0.5: event_hit1
           1.5: event_hit2
           2: event_level1
           5: event_level2



Single value, type: boolean (Yes/No or True/False). Default: False

Enables additional debug logging for this device.


One or more sub-entries, each in the format of type: float:str. Default: None

Events which are posted at a certain G-force/acceleration. You can specify multiple limits. You might use those to trigger tilt warnings.


Single value, type: string.

Number of this device in your hardware platform. The actual meaning of this number depends on your hardware platform.


Single value, type: string. Default: %

Friendly name for this device.


One or more sub-entries, each in the format of type: float:str. Default: None

How much degree may the level be off? You can define multiple limits and which event should be posted when it exceeded.


Single value, type: integer. Default: 0

level_x, level_y and``level_z`` define the default axis which is considered as levelled. Defaults to (0, 0, 1) which means that the board is laying straight on the ground. If you mount it in the cab you want about 3 degree. Under the playfield you want 6-7 degree.

For instance (0, sin(3), 1 - sin(3)) might be a vector to use for an accelerometer in your cab.


One or more sub-entries.

The platform-specific hardware settings of this accelerometer.


Single value, type: string. Default: None

Name of the platform this accelerometer is connected to. The default value of None means the default hardware platform will be used. You only need to change this if you have multiple different hardware platforms in use and this coil is not connected to the default platform.

See the Mixing-and-Matching hardware platforms guide for details.


List of one (or more) values, each is a type: string. Default: None

Note there are no “special” tags for accelerometers.

Hardware platforms which support accelerometers:

MMA8451-based I2C accelerometers