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Specifying Colors in Config Files

Colors in config files can be specified by name (like “red”) or by hex value (“ff0000”).

You can see a list of valid color names (and their respective colors) here.

In addition to the 140 standard named colors, MPF adds the following color options:

  • off - maps (0,0,0) which is more intuitive than “black” when you’re working with LEDs.
  • on - turns on an LED with that LED’s default_color: setting. (Default is “white” if you don’t specify a color.)

You can also specify color by hex string. If you do this, do NOT put a # in it, since YAML files use those for comments which are ignored.

  • CORRECT: color: ff0000
  • WRONG: color: #ff0000

Specifying opacity / alpha

For colors which will be processed by the media controller (such as slide background and widget colors), you can optionally add two more characters to a hex color to specify the alpha value.

For example:

  • ff0000ff (fully opaque)
  • ff000080 (50% opacity)

See the Widget Opacity & Transparency documentation for details.