Config File Section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files NO

A “led_rings” will create “count” leds for you starting the number at “number_start”. If you need a prefix or suffix for the number you can use “number_template”. All settings in “led_template” will be applied to all LEDs. The only difference between light_stripes and led_rings is how the x/y coordinates are computed.

Here’s an example:


    number_start: 10
      tags: test
    count: 5
    debug: True
    number_start: 200
    number_template: 7-{}
    count: 5
    direction: 90
    start_x: 10
    start_y: 20
    distance: 5
    debug: True

    number_start: 20
    count: 12
    radius: 3
    start_angle: 90
    center_x: 100
    center_y: 50
    debug: True


The integer value for the number for the first LED in the ring. (MPF assumes that all the LEDs in the ring are numbered sequentially.)


The integer value for how many LEDs are in the ring.


MPF automatically configures the LEDs in a ring. The first one uses the number_start: value, and then it counts up from there up through the count: value.

However, many hardware numbers for LEDs are not just vanilla numbers, rather they also include a board number or channel or something like that. The number_template: is where you specify what that number value looks like. Just use braces {} for the part you want replaced by a number.

The example config with a number template of 7-{} with a number start of 200 and a count of 5 will create 5 LEDs with the numbers 7-200, 7-201, 7-202, 7-203, and 7-204.


The “x” position of the center of the ring. (This is not used in MPF yet.)


The “y” position of the center of the ring.


The angle (in degrees, 0-360) of the first LED in the right. This is used for the calculation of x/y positions of individual LEDs only.


The radius of the ring (in relative size to the x/y coordinates of the center_x: and center_y: positions. This is used for the calculation of x/y positions of individual LEDs only.


This is a list of sub-settings (indented) that are regular settings from the leds: section of your machine config. Any settings that are valid there are valid here, and they’re applied to all the LEDs in the ring.