Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files YES
Valid in shows YES


This section can also be used in a show file in the queue_events: section of a step.

The queue_event_player: section of your config file is similar to the event_player:, except it posts queue events instead of regular events.

This section is particularly useful with the queue_relay_player:.

Here’s an example:

      queue_event: my_queue
      events_when_finished: my_queue_done

In the example above, when the regular event some_event is posted, a new queue event called my_queue will be posted. After all the handlers for my_queue are done, the event my_queue_done will be posted. (This could be immediately if none of the handlers blocked it, or it could be awhile if one of those handlers is doing something else first.)



The name of the queue event that will be posted when the parent event is posted. (required)


A sub-configuration of key:value pairs that will be posted with the event. This setting is optional.


The event name that will be posted when all the handlers of this queue event are done processing it. This setting is optional.