Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files YES

The queue_relay_player lets you “pause” queue event processing until some other event is posted, at which time the original queue event processing continues.

Here’s an example:

      post: start_my_mode
      wait_for: my_mode_done

This entry will watch for the game_ending event to be posted. (game_ending is a queue event.) When it’s posted, the queue relay player will pause the processing of the game_ending event and post a new event, the start_my_mode in this case.

You can use that new event to do whatever you want, like start some custom mode you want to run at game end before the machine goes back to the attract mode.

When your mode is done, you would configure it to post my_mode_done (or whatever the wait_for: is set to, and that will release the queue and progress will continue. If your mode doesn’t need to do anything, it can simply post the wait_for: event and exit.


If the wait_for: event is never posted, you will break your game since MPF will wait forever.

Note that each entry under queue_event_player: (the game_ending: in the example above) must be for a queue event. (You can see which events are queue events in the event reference.) You can also use the queue_event_player: to “convert” a regular event into a queue event.



The name of the event to post to trigger your action once the queue event has been posted. (required)


The name of the event this queue will wait for to continue. In other words, this is the event you need to post for the queue event to continue. (required)


A sub-configuration of key:value pairs that will be posted with the event. This setting is optional.