Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files NO

The settings: section of your config is where you configure settings which are configurable in service mode.

This is an example:

      label: Replay Score
         500000: "500000 (default)"
         1000000: "1000000"
         1500000: "1500000"
      default: 500000
      key_type: int
      sort: 100

Required settings

The following sections are required in the settings: section of your config:


Single value, type: string.

Default value to use if not changed or on reset. Must be included in values.


Single value, type: string.

Label to use in service mode for this setting.


Single value, type: integer.

Sort in service mode.


One or more sub-entries, each in the format of type: str:str.

Values for this setting in the format value: label. value will be assigned to the machine_var and label will be shown in service mode.

Optional settings

The following sections are optional in the settings: section of your config. (If you don’t include them, the default will be used).


Single value, type: one of the following options: str, float, int. Default: str

Type of the key. If you want to do math with the variable you need either float or int.


Single value, type: string. Default: None

Name of the machine variable to use. If this is not set it will use the name of this setting as machine variable.