Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files YES

Specifies timed switches which are used to post events when a switch is active for a continuous amount of time.

Here’s an example. This example is actually built-in to MPF via the MPF default config file, so if you want to use these flipper cradle events, you don’t have to enter them yourself as they’re already there.

    switch_tags: left_flipper, right_flipper
    time: 3s
    events_when_active: flipper_cradle
    events_when_released: flipper_cradle_release

Like other devices in MPF, the format is:



The following settings can be used in each named timed switch section:


A list of switches (or a single switch) that will be used for these timed switch settings. Note that you can use switch_tags: instead of switches:.


A list of switch tags (or a single tag) that will be used to set which switches are used with these timed switch settings. Each switch with these tags will be added.

time: (required)

Single value, type: time string (Instructions for entering time strings).

How long a switch must be continuously active before the events_when_active are posted.


Single value, either active or inactive. Default is active.

Controls whether the events_when_active: are posted when the switch is active for the time: amount, or whether it’s flipped and the events are posted when the switch is inactive for the time amount.


A single event, or list of events, that’s posted once a switch is continuously active for the time: setting. If you have multiple switches. this event will only be posted once, even if a second switch becomes active for that time while the first is still active.

If you don’t enter any events here, an event will automatically be posted in the format <name_of_this_timed_switch>_active. In other words, in the example at the top of this page, the timed switch entry is called “flipper_cradle”, so the automatically-created event would be called flipper_cradle_active, but since that config has an events_when_active: flipper_cradle entry, then the event will just be flipper_cradle.


A single event, or list of events, that will be posted when a timed switch is released. Unlike the active events which are only posted when the switch is continuously active for that period of time, the released events are posted immediately.

If you’ve defined multiple switches and two switches go active, the release event will not be posted until all the switches are released.