Using LEDs as display (display_light_player)ΒΆ

You can map any display to your playfield LEDs or any LEDs (e.g. a LED matrix) in your machine. This enables you to leverage any MC features and display them on any LEDs (or more specifically any lights) in your machine.

To use this in a show you can use this:

- display_lights:
    your_source_display:     # use any display defined in your machine
      lights: "*"            # map all lights. you can also use a tag

Or standalone:

      lights: "*"

Then map your lights to a position on the display:

    number: 1
    x: 0.3595817467355206
    y: 0.026751757949132805
    number: 2
    x: 0.34303657433971446
    y: 0.02873336964906857

You can map those in the MPF monitor and then copy the locations using the script in tools/ or manually. You may need to adjust config names in the script (improvements welcome).