Other Game Modes

There are a few very typical modes in almost all machines. Those either run at start or all the time.

All the time/Before ball start

Those modes run all the time or before ball start.

Credits Mode

Count coins and denies game start on insufficient credits. See Coins & Credits for details.

Attract Mode

Attract mode stop on game start. See Attract (mode).

Tilt Mode

Tilt usually run the whole time. It will end the game on tilt and might remove credits on slam tilt outside of a game. See Tilt for details.

Service Mode

See Service Mode for details.

Ball start

Those modes typically run on/after ball start and then stop.

Skill shot mode

Skill shots typically run on ball start only. See Skill Shot.

Mode selection

Mode selection sometimes delays ball start. Usually, at least the mode selection mode starts on ball start. See Mode Selection.

During the game

Those modes typicalls run during the whole game.

Lanes Modes

Most machines award multipliers or small bonuses when completing all lanes during the game. Those are usually the four to five inlanes and outlane or the three skillshot lanes.

This is an example:


    start_events: ball_started
    priority: 110

        score: 50
        score: 300

        switch: s_lane_l
            light: l_lane_l
        switch: s_lane_m
            light: l_lane_m
        switch: s_lane_r
            light: l_lane_r

        shots: lane_l, lane_m, lane_r
        rotate_left_events: s_left_flipper_active
        rotate_right_events: s_right_flipper_active
            lanes_lit_complete: 1s

            loops: 4
            speed: 4
                lights: lanes

Ball End Modes

Certain modes typically run on game end. MPF has a lot of built-in modes for this purpose. You can omit any of them or replace them with your own mode.

Ball end modes delay the ball ending process. If you want your own mode to delay the ball ending process you can start the with the following config:


  start_events: ball_ending     # start on ball ending process
  use_wait_queue: true          # delay ball ending
  priority: 500                 # determines the order of ball end modes
  stop_events: stop_my_mode     # post this event to stop the mode and continue the ball ending process

Ball ending will be delayed until your mode stops so make sure that your mode ends eventually or the game will be stuck. In the example above your config need to post stop_my_mode or, if you are writing code, stop your mode in code.

Bonus Mode

Score multipliers and evaluate them into a bonus at the end of the ball. See End of Ball Bonus for details.

Game End Modes

After the last ball of the last player ended (and all modes which blocked ball ending ended) the game ending sequence will run. A few modes typically exist which delay game ending and are built-in to MPF.

If you want to implement your own game end mode use this template:


  start_events: game_ending     # start on game ending process
  use_wait_queue: true          # delay ball ending
  game_mode: False              # the game is no longer running at this point
  priority: 500                 # determines the order of game end modes
  stop_events: stop_my_mode     # post this event to stop the mode and continue the game ending process

This example will block the game ending process until you post stop_my_mode in your config or stop the mode from code.

Highscore Mode

Allow players to enter their initials on high score. See High Scores for details.

Match Mode

Evaluates a match with the end of the player score. Typically awards a credit on match, See Match Mode for details.