High Scores

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MPF includes support for high scores which is where players can enter their names (or initials) when they’ve achieved a high score. Features include:

  • Set any player variable as a high score option. So in addition to score you could set high score entries for loops, ramps, aliens destroyed, etc.
  • Set how many of each high score type are tracked (Top 5 for high scores, Top 3 for loops, Top 1 for aliens, etc.)
  • Set what each “award name” is called. (The highest score is “GRAND CHAMPION,” the second highest score is “HIGH SCORE 1”, the highest loop score is “MAJOR LOOPER”, etc.)
  • How many characters a player can enter for their name.
  • A list of valid characters the player can choose from
  • The layout of the display for entering their names and show their rewards.
  • Events for high score awards and entry, so you can configure high score entry screens.
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