RGB.DMD Controller

It’s likely that no one would be using RGB LED DMDs if it wasn’t for the efforts of Eli Curtz.

Eli first posted about these types of panels in the P-ROC forum (now defunct) in 2014. At that time we could only find panels with 3mm spacing between pixels which was a bit larger than traditional pinball DMDs, but that’s what kicked off the conversation about, “Whoa, maybe we could use these for ‘real’ color DMDs some day.” Then in September 2015, Eli posted again telling us that we could now get panels with 2.5mm spacing which is the perfect size we need. Eli also showed us how to connect them and what software we needed to make everything work. So really everything here is because of Eli. All we did is take everything he showed us and write it down. (Well, that and we also created the interface for MPF, but that was the easy part.) So thanks Eli!

You can grab the RGB.DMD source code and flash it to a Teensy 3.2. Connect your panels and you are good to go.

In MPF, RGB.DMD works just like How to configure a “SmartMatrix” RGB LED DMD (go there for details). Can copy the following example (and replace com12 with your com port):

    rgb_dmd: smartmatrix

       port: com12
       baud: 3000000
       old_cookie: false