I2C Servo Controllers

MPF currently supports PCA9685/PCA9635 based servo controllers via I2C. One example for such a controller is the Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver. We currently only support I2C on the P3-Roc but it would be easy to support on other devices such as the Raspberry PI. Let us know if you need that.

1. Installing I2C Servo Controllers

Connect the controller to the I2C port and add the following config section:

  servo_controllers: i2c_servo_controller

  address: 0x40

0x40 is actually the default I2C address for this chip but it might be different for some chips.

2. Add your servos

Add your servos to config:

    number: 0

All these config options are explained in-depth in the servos: section of the config file reference.