Configuring Switches with LISY1

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LISY1 supports the System 1 switch matrix which consists of a maximum of 40 switches. The switch number in the manual of your machine can be used within MPF. However, some of the switches in Gottlieb System 1 games are not part of the switch matrix. These are the outhole switch, the SLAM switch and the “RESET” switch on the board itself. The mpfserver for LISY1 is numbering these switches in the same way as pinmame does it:

  • SLAM: #76
  • Outhole: #66
  • Reset: #56


As the SLAM switch is usually closed, the logic is inverted here. A closed SLAM switch is interpreted as open within mpfserver and does not have to be configured as normally closed NC in MPF.

You can start with this config:

        number: 76
        number: 66
        number: 56

Then just add your switches according to the manual of your machine. See switches: for more details about switches.