How to configure coils/drivers/magnets (P-ROC/P3-ROC)

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To configure coils, drivers, motors, and/or magnets (basically anything connected to PD-16 board’s driver outputs) with P-ROC/P3-ROC hardware, you can follow the guides and instructions in the Coils (Solenoids) docs.

(If you’re using a P-ROC with an existing machine’s driver board, like a WPC machine, then see the existing machine documentation. Link TODO)

The only specific thing you have to know for this platform is the number format:


For PD-16-based devices, the numbering format is:

number: Ax-By-z

The “A” and “B” capital letters are required. (A means Address, B means Bank). The lowercase x, y, and z letters should be replaced with numbers to represent the following on a PD-16 driver board:

  • x : Board address (0-31)
  • y : Bank address (0 for A, 1 for B)
  • z : Output number (0-7)


The output number is the logical number, not the pin number. For example, Output 0 is on Pin 1, and there is a key pin at 2 or 3. Check the manual for the exact mapping.

For example:

      number: A0-B1-6
      pulse_ms: 30

Fine tuning hold power

When using the P-ROC or P3-ROC, you can fine tune a coils hold power setting.

First, you’re able to use hold_power: (with a value 0-8) as described in the Adjust coil hold power documentation.

However, instead of using hold_power:, you can alternately configure a repeating pattern of “on” and “off” times, specified in milliseconds, via pwm_on_ms: and pwm_off_ms: settings, like this:

      number: A0-B1-6
      pwm_on_ms: 2
      pwm_off_ms: 2

Then if that coil is enabled (held on), it will be on for 2ms, then off for 2ms, then repeat.


  • This only affects coils that are held on. Pulse actions will always be at 100%.
  • If you configure a hold_power: setting, it will take precedence over the pwm_on_ms: and pwm_off_ms: settings, so don’t configure both.
  • When you configure these settings, you do not need the allow_enable: true setting.