Servos on a PD-LED (P-ROC/P3-ROC)

Related Config File Sections

Starting with PD-LED v3 you can configure up to twelve steppers on a PD-LED.


To enable servos you need to configure your PD-LED board in your p_roc section. Assuming your PD-LED has the ID 4 you can use the following config to enable all servos and and define two of them:

      use_servo_0: True
      use_servo_1: True
      use_servo_2: True
      use_servo_3: True
      use_servo_4: True
      use_servo_5: True
      use_servo_6: True
      use_servo_7: True
      use_servo_8: True
      use_servo_9: True
      use_servo_10: True
      use_servo_11: True

      number: 4-0
      number: 4-1

The number of your servos has to be id_of_your_ped_led-number. In this case 4-0 and 4-1 for the first and second servo on PD-LED 4. You will not be able to use LED 72 to LED 83 on the PD-LED when enabling all servos.

You should hook up your servos to an external power source (usually 5V) and not draw that power from the PD-LED. However, make sure to connect the ground of your power supply. See Voltages and Power for details.