How to configure servos (P3-ROC)

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The P3-ROC contains an I2C port (J17) which is accessible to MPF. You can use this port to control an I2C-based servo. (You can’t plug the servo directly into the P3-ROC, rather, you can buy an I2C-based servo controller and plug it into the P3-ROC.)

You need to connect SDA, SCL and ground. You may not need the 3.3V from the P3-ROC as your controller might be a different voltage (which you can then get directly from your power supply), but again that depends on the board.

See the I2C Servo Controllers documentation for details on how to configure this.

If you want to use this with a P3-ROC, you can configure it in your machine config it similar to this:

    driverboards: pdb
    platform: p3_roc
    servo_controllers: i2c_servo_controller

    address: 0x40

        number: 3

The address and number of your servo and servo controller can be found in the documentation of your controller and are most likely configurable. You can also connect multiple I2C servo controllers to the P3-ROC by configuring them with unique I2C addresses.