OPP Lights

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If you’re using an OPP incandescent wing card, the lights are numbered the same as the input switches. OPP bulbs are numbered sequentially depending on which wing board controls the output. Wing position 0 contains bulbs 0 to 7. Wing position 1 contains bulbs 8 to 15. Wing position 2 contains bulbs 16 to 23. Wing position 3 contains bulbs 24 to 31. The bulb is numbered using the position of the OPP card (starting at 0), then a ‘-‘, and finally the bulb number on the card.

    number: 1-16
    subtype: matrix

The above example configures a bulb on the second OPP card, and the third wing board, first bulb On the microprocessor card, the input is marked as 2.0 (wing port 2, position 0).