How to configure coils & drivers (Stern SPIKE)

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To configure coils, drivers, motors, and/or magnets (basically anything connected to an node’s driver outputs) for Stern SPIKE machines, you can follow the guides and instructions in the Coils (Solenoids) docs.

However there are a few things to know and some additional options you get with SPIKE hardware that are discussed here.


The number: setting for each driver is a combination of the node it’s connected to and its address from the manual. For example, here’s the driver reference table from Page 11 of the Wrestlemania Pro manual:


The address for each driver is in the highlighted column. To enter the number for the driver into MPF, remove the middle “DR” letters so you just have the node number and address number (with a dash between them). For example, the driver for the left flipper coil with the address 8-DR-0 would be entered into the MPF config as 8-0, etc.

      number: 1-10  # Node 1, coil 10
      default_pulse_ms: 100
      allow_enable: true
      number: 8-1  # Node 8, coil 1