Recycle / “Cool Down” Time

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Recycle time is the time a coil will rest after it has been pulsed. This is either calculated as ratio on the pulse time (for instance, two times the pulse time) or as absolute time. In both cases this time is used to prevent thermal overheating of coils similar to hold_power.

If your machine constantly triggers a coil with 50ms pulse time for some reason then it would practically stay on permanently without recycle time. Howver, with a recycle factor of 2 (or 100ms cool down time) it would be enabled for at most 33% of the time.

How this recycle is implemented differs between platforms. MPF exposes a very basic interface to enable or disable recycle per coil. Usually, you want to keep it enabled. This is an example:

        default_recycle: True
        default_recycle: False

Some platforms allow you to fine tune the recycle time.