Dual-wound Coils

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A dual-wound coil is a coil (solenoid) with two windings–one “strong” power (or “main”) winding for moving the coil, and a second weaker / lower-power winding for “holding” the coil in the active position.

Dual-wound coils are typically used for flippers, diverters, gates, and other devices in pinball machines that need a strong initial movement followed by an extended hold period.

There are many places in MPF config files where you need to specify a coil name. Rather than adding dual-wound coil logic in many different sections of MPF, we have a dual-wound coil config where you can specify the settings for a particular dual-wound coil (and give it a new name), and then you can use that dual-wound coil anywhere in MPF that a coil is configured.

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