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Believe it or not, the playfield in MPF is technically a ball device. This is needed since MPF wants to know where all the balls are at all times, so it needs to know which balls are “in” the playfield device.

The playfield is also responsible for tracking balls that “disappeared” from it without going into other devices—-a process which kicks off the ball search. The default playfield ball device (called playfield) is created automatically based on settings in the mpfconfig.yaml default configuration file. Most machines only have one playfield, though if you have a mini-playfield or a head-to-head machine then you can configure additional playfield devices.

Playfields are configured in the playfields: section of the configuration file.

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for playfields is device.playfields.<name>.

Balls which will be available eventually. If a ball is requested it will be included in available_balls but not in balls until it arrives.
The number of balls on the playfield.