Example Machine Projects you can learn from

The mpf-examples project

Contains several examples of MPF configs you can run and learn from, including:

Full details about the mpf-examples project and how to download it are here.

State Fair Pinball

An upcoming machine we’re working on. Details: http://statefairpinball.com. GitHub repo: https://github.com/missionpinball/state_fair

Brooks ‘n Dunn

One of the projects we took on in 2015 was to rewire and build and MPF config for Gottlieb’s Brooks ‘n Dunn. (BnD). BnD was the machine that Gottlieb was working on when they shut down in 1996.

This config is probably the most complete of any MPF project that’s publicly available. However it contains lots of licensed assets (music, videos, images, etc.) that are not in the public repo. This means you won’t be able to actually run it, but you can look through the configs (which are well commented) to see how we do things.

The BnD repo is at https://github.com/gabeknuth/bnd