Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files NO

The mpf-mc: section of your config is where you configure options for the MC itself.

Required Settings

All of these settings are required in the mpf-mc: section. However, MPF-MC includes a default config file called mcconfig.yaml which includes all these settings with their defaults. So you only need to add/enter these if you want to change something from the default.


Single integer value, default is 5050.

This is the TCP port that the MC listens on for incoming BCP connections. If you change this from the


String, default is localhost.

The interface to bind for the BCP connection.


Single integer value, default is 30.

Limit the frames per second to fps. This prevents using excessive CPU for MPF MC.


Single boolean value, default is True.

Allow sections which are not known to MPF.