Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files YES


This section can also be used in a show file in the segment_displays: section of a step.

The segment_display_player: section of your config is a Config Players which controls segment_displays:. See Alpha-Numeric / Segment Displays for details.

Optional settings

The following sections are optional in the segment_display_player: section of your config. (If you don’t include them, the default will be used).


Single value, type: one of the following options: add, remove, flash, no_flash. Default: add

  • add - Add a text to the segment_display.
  • remove - Add a text to the segment_display by key.
  • flash - Flash this segment display.
  • no_flash - Stop flashing this segment display.


Single value, type: ms_or_token. Defaults to empty.

Only used with action add. Text will be removed after exire ms.


Single value, type: string. Defaults to empty.

Key to use with action add and remove to reference a text on the segment display.


Single value, type: int_or_token. Default: 0

Priority of this text. The segment display will maintain a stack and show the text on top.


Single value, type: string. Defaults to empty.

Text to show. You can use Text Templates.