Config file section

Valid in machine config files YES
Valid in mode config files NO

The virtual_segment_display_connector: section of your config is where you configure the connector that establishes the link between segment displays and the virtual segment display emulator widgets in the MPF-MC.

  segment_displays: display1
This example is tested to be valid MPF config. However, it is not integration tested.
  segment_displays: display1

Optional settings

The following sections are optional in the virtual_segment_display_connector: section of your config. (If you don’t include them, the default will be used).


Single value, type: string. Defaults to local_display.

The name of the BCP connection the MPF-MC is connected to. Normally this does not need to be modified as the default value should be correct.


List of one (or more) values, each is a type: string name of a segment_displays device. Default is empty.

A list of one or more segment display names which is used to specify which segment displays should be activated in the connector to send the appropriate information to the MPF-MC.