This is the dev documentation for an unreleased version of MPF!

This is the documentation for MPF 0.56, which is the “dev” (next) release of MPF that is a work-in-progress. Unless you’re specifically looking for this version, you probably want to use the version of documentation called “latest” which is for the latest released version of MPF. That documentation is at docs.missionpinball.org/en/latest.


MPF Event

Posted when the number of assets waiting to be loaded changes.

Note that once all the assets are loaded, all the values below are reset to zero.

Keyword arguments

(See the Conditional Events guide for details for how to create entries in your config file that only respond to certain combinations of the arguments below.)

The number of assets that have been loaded so far.
The numerical percent completion of the assets loaded, express in the range of 0 to 100.
The number of assets that are remaining to be loaded.
The total number of assets that need to be loaded. This is equal to the sum of the loaded and remaining values below. It also includes assets that MPF is loading itself as well as any assets that have been reported from remotely connected BCP hosts (e.g. the media controller).