config_interface (example config files)

Machine config examples

Here are some example machine-wide config files that show real-world examples of how these configs are used.

Note that there are multiple machine config examples here. They’re just included to show different options. You wouldn’t actually use more than one.


    balls_per_game: 1

  true_key1: true
  true_key2: True
  true_key3: yes
  true_key4: Yes
  false_key1: false
  false_key2: False
  false_key3: no
  false_key4: No
  on_string: on
  off_string: off
  int_6400: 6400
  str_001: 001
  int_100: 100
  int_6: 6
  int_7: 07
  str_00ff00: 00ff00
  str_003200: 003200
  str_plus5: +5
  str_plus0point5: +0.5
  case_sensitive_1: test
  Case_sensitive_2: test
  case_sensitive_3: Test

# test an empty collection