Fine-tuning ball device timingΒΆ

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The default timeouts in ball_devices are very conservative and usually too long. You might have noticed delays after the eject of the second ball when starting a multiball. This is caused by the default eject_timeouts setting which will cause the ball device to wait 10s until the ball is confirmed to be on the playfield. Only after that the next ball will be ejected because before that timeout the ball may return back into the device (e.g. roll back in the plunger lane).

To minimize delays during ejects to the playfield you need to measure the maximum time the ball may take to return after an eject. Set eject_timeouts to that value but not lower. If you set it lower the ball may become confirmed and then you end up with two simultanious ball inside the plunger lane. In case that time is still too long you might be able to use confirm_eject_switch (but that might require a hardware change).

Also, please note that this only applies to devices ejecting to a playfield. If you are ejecting into another device (e.g. trough to plunger lane) the timeout does not really matter because the ball will be confirmed once it hits the target device.