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This is the documentation for MPF 0.56, which is the “dev” (next) release of MPF that is a work-in-progress. This is probably ok, and means you’ll be on the latest, cutting-edge version of MPF.

However, if you want a more stable version, select the v:stable version from the lower-left corner of this page, which is the most recent version that is not getting new updates.

If you are new to MPF, we have recently rewritten the installation process which only applies to this “latest” 0.56, so you probably want to stay here because the prior installation process doesn’t work on the latest OS and Python versions.

Ball Holds

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MPF’s ball holds are used to temporarily hold a ball that has entered a Ball Devices while something else happens.

The most common use cases are to hold a ball while you play a show, or while a video mode is going on. Ball holds do not affect the balls in play count, and if all other balls drain while a ball hold is in progress, the players ball does not end.

Ball holds are not used to lock balls for multiball. (See the multiball_locks device for that).

You can have lots of different ball holds in your game, typically configured per mode.

Video about ball locks and multiballs:

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for ball holds is device.ball_holds.<name>.

The number of balls this ball hold is currently holding
Boolean (true/false) which shows whether this ball hold is enabled.