Ball Locks

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MPF’s ball locks are used to hold a ball that has entered a Ball Devices towards multiball.


Ball locks will be removed from MPF after v0.33. They have been replaced with Multiball Locks, so if you’re setting this up for the first time, you should use them instead.


If you just want to temporarily hold a ball while something else is happening (like during a video mode or while some award show is playing), use MPF’s ball_holds: section, not a ball lock.

Ball locks are “logical” (not physical), so different ball locks can exist in different modes that hold balls in the same device (depending on what mode is running).

Ball lock devices track the number of balls “locked” on a per-player basis, so even if one player empties out a physical ball device, the ball lock for another player will know how many balls that player had locked, even if the number of balls in a contained physical ball device doesn’t match.

You can have lots of different ball locks in your game, typically configured per mode.

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for ball locks is device.ball_locks.<name>.

The number of balls locked
Boolean (true/false) which shows whether this ball lock is enabled.
List of pairs of the device & ball counts that are queued to be released.