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MPF includes a multiball feature which can be used to automatically start and stop multiballs.

Each multiball in MPF has a separate name. There are several different types of multiballs (run until a single ball is left, timed multiballs, etc.) Multiballs can also be configured with multiball saves so that (for example) any balls lost in the first 15 seconds of a multiball are automatically re-launched back into play.

MPF also supports stacking of multiple multiballs at the same time.

Balls can be locked for multiball with the related Multiball Locks config section.

Video about ball locks and multiballs:

Common Issues

Why does MPF wait about 10s when adding balls to the playfield from the trough during a multiball?

When MPF adds a ball to the playfield the launcher waits until the ball is confirmed to be on the playfield. For the first ball this happens when a playfield switch is hit after the eject. However, this will not work with more than one ball on the playfield (e.g. during a multiball). In this case, the launcher will wait until its eject timeout passed ( eject timeouts in ball_devices) which defaults to 10s. Therefore, you need to tune eject_timeouts of your launcher to fix this issue.

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for multiballs is device.multiballs.<name>.

Numeric value of how many balls this multiball added into play.
Numeric value of how many balls this multiball is attempting to keep in play.
Boolean (true/false) as to whether this multiball is enabled.
Boolean (true/false) as to whether this multiball is in “shoot again” mode which means it’s attempting to keep live.