How to configure Multimorphic (P-ROC & P3-ROC) hardware

Here’s a list of all the How To guides which explain how to use MPF with Multimorphic P-ROC and P3-ROC control systems. These guides include the numbering format (how you map specific entries in your config files to board and connector locations) as well as overall settings that affect how your hardware performs.

Overview video about the Multimorphic P3-Roc system:

3 steps to using a P-ROC/P3-ROC

  1. Install the hardware drivers to support the P-ROC/P3-ROC.
  2. Configure your platform.
  3. Configure the individual pinball mechanisms from the list below.

P-ROC/P3-ROC pinball mech configuration

The following pinball mechanisms are supported by the P-ROC and/or P3-ROC. Click each one for details on how to configure these types of mechanisms for the P-ROC or P3-ROC.