Troubleshooting Penny K Pinball PKONE Hardware

If you got problems with your hardware platform we first recommend to read our troubleshooting guide. Here are some hardware platform specific steps:

Run Hardware Scan

Using mpf hardware scan you can find out if your PKONE boards are talking properly to MPF using USB:

$ mpf hardware scan

Penny K Pinball Hardware

- Connected Controllers:
  -> PKONE Nano - Port: com3 at 115200 baud (firmware v1.1, hardware rev 2)

- Extension boards:
  -> Address ID: 0 (firmware v1.1, hardware rev 2)
  -> Address ID: 1 (firmware v1.1, hardware rev 2)

- Lightshow boards:
  -> Address ID: 2 (RGB firmware v1.0, hardware rev 1)
  -> Address ID: 3 (RGBW firmware v1.0, hardware rev 1)

See mpf hardware (command-line utility) for details.

Enable Debugging

If you got problems with your platform try to enable debug first. As described in the general debugging section of our troubleshooting guide this is done by adding debug: true to your opp config section:

  debug: true
This example is tested to be valid MPF config. However, it is not integration tested.
  debug: true

This will add a lot more debugging and might slow down MPF a bit. We recommend to disable/remove it after finishing debugging.