The Virtual Platform

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MPF’s virtual platform interface is a software-only platform you can use if you don’t have a physical pinball controller attached.


MPF also has a smart virtual platform which is probably what you’d use in most cases instead of the virtual platform.

Note for P-ROC and P3-ROC users: P-ROC’s pyprocgame includes a virtual P-ROC interface called FakePinPROC. We don’t use that in the MPF because doing so requires that pyprocgame is installed, and it’s likely that people using MPF won’t have pyprocgame. Using MPF’s virtual hardware interface is conceptually similar to FakePinPROC.

Using the virtual platform

There are three ways you can use the virtual platform:

1. Manually setting the platform

You can manually specify the virtual platform in the machine config, like this:

  platform: virtual
This example is tested to be valid MPF config. However, it is not integration tested.
  platform: virtual

3. Via the command line

You can also specify the smart virtual platform interface via the -x (lowercase X) from the command line, like this:

mpf -x


mpf both -x