Coils (Solenoids)

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Please ensure that you have established common ground between logic and coil power before turning on high voltage on your coils (especially on homebrew machines). Ignoring this might lock on your coils, overheat them, burn down your house or kill you. We are serious, floating grounds are dangerous. If you are not an professional electrician read the guide about voltages and power.

In MPF, you typically list all the coils in your machine in the coils: section of your machine configuration file, along with default options for them, like pulse times, PWM values, whether they can be enabled (held on), etc.


You don’t typically work with coils directly, rather, you tend to add them to other devices once they’ve been defined (flippers, autofires, ball devices, diverters, etc). You can configure Dual-wound Coils on top of coils.

That said, it is possible to perform actions on coils directly, such as pulsing, enabling, or disabling them. You can do this via the coil_player: section of a config file or via the coils: section of a show.

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