Interactive MC (iMC)

The MPF MC package includes an “interactive” MC which you can use to live-edit YAML configurations for slides and widgets and see the results in realtime in your on-screen window.

Running the iMC does two things:

  1. It launches the MC like normal, loading your game’s config files.
  2. It launches a second window which has a multi-line editable text box where you can type or paste slide configs.

The idea is you can use the iMC to keep tweaking and fine-tuning your slide and widget settings in a way that’s much easier than starting your game and going through your game to find the slide you’re looking for.


The iMC does not connect to physical hardware, so if you have a physical DMD then you will have to test with an on-screen virtual DMD.

Since the iMC uses the regular MC and the regular config files, you have access to all the named widgets, images, videos, widget styles, fonts, etc. from your machine config.

See mpf imc command.