Downloading & Installing MPF


These instructions are several years old and probably don’t work. We have just rewritten the MPF installers in Aug 2022 and updated the instructions for the 0.56 (latest version) of MPF. If you are installing for the first time, we HIGHLY recommend you use the “v:latest” version of these docs, available here:

The latest instructions support current OSes (macOS Monterey, Windows 10/11, and Ubuntu 20.04/22.04) and Python 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9.


Installing MPF is fairly straightforward. It can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux, on both Intel x86 and ARM processors, and in 64-bit and 32-bit systems (see Choosing a PC for MPF for details).

Installing MPF for the first time

We’ve created step-by-step installation guides which walk you through the entire process. Select the OS you’re using from the list below:


These guides just show you how to get MPF up and running. If you’re using MPF with a physical machine, check out the MPF compatible control systems / hardware guide for details about how to get the drivers and configuration set for the specific hardware controller platform you’ve chosen.

Installing the MPF Monitor

We have a rough prototype of a graphical tool called the “MPF Monitor” which you can use to connect to a running instance of MPF to graphically interact with switches, lights, and LEDs, and to see the status of various devices. You can even add a picture of your playfield and drag-and-drop the MPF mechanisms onto it which makes it possible to “play” your machine via a simulation.

Details in the MPF Monitor are here.